june 7, 2010


July 10, 2010


July 14, 2010


aug 19, 2010

ADAM HAS ESCAPED.... This was the last time he was in custody... unfortunately Illyse made an error in judgement and left the KEY TO HIS HOTEL ROOM, in the back of a taxi. He is known to be armed and dangerous...especially when he is not fed his scheduled doses of Coors Light and Ketamine. We believe that he was aided by this con artist, taxi driving (police-man-child) during a recent excursion to Italy.... 


where Adam was filming scenes for the upcoming "LAKE ROOM - THE MOVIE Part 2".... We also believe he may be traveling with this SLUT....



The man, who aided him in the get away wears many disguises.....and is slightly smarter than he looks...
Reynaldo, Frenchsco, Eduardo and Sampson are a few of this fool's known alias'. We believe his motives for helping Adam escape are so he can capitalize on all the hot babes Adam kidnaps on tour, and due to Adam's connections with the following people...

and his ability to make SEXY art.

This man is one of THE TOP private detectives on the globe. He has captured many famous criminals and celebrities including Phil Collins

 on his infamous escape from Genesis, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer


and pedophile Where's Waldo

He also invented the game "Where in The World is Carmen San Diego?"

 llyse giving me this dress as a peace offering. I told her there were no hard feelings, to meet me and the band at this lake for a swim...

 She's probably still waiting there...If you have any information or If you have seen ANY of the characters above... please notify larissa@sugarshockmanagement.com with any tips. You can remain anonymous and YOU WILL BE HANDSOMELY REWARDED....


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